Sam Darnold
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New York Jets young Sam Darnold won’t develop as an NFL quarterback until his organization and head coach actually allow it.

Robby Sabo

On Sunday in the New York Jets disheartening and stale 24-10 defeat at the hands of the Chicago Bears, there were, in fact, two games. First and foremost, of course, was the NFL contest leading to the Jets fifth loss of the season. This is the one Todd Bowles cares about most. It’s the one that adds another loss on top of his murky 23-33 career record in New York.

The other game happened (and continuously happens) within the game—one the Jets are losing week-to-week despite the status of NFL victory. This game is the one of developing young Sam Darnold.

Now, at 3-5 with pedestrian numbers across the board—1,705 yards on 55.2 completion percentage with 11 touchdowns and 10 interceptions—fans are starting to feel Mark Sanchez-worthy nervousness concerning Darnold’s development.

While we’re not quite at that horrifying level just yet, “development” isn’t what we’re witnessing at the moment. In fact, it’s been the opposite and Sam Darnold won’t develop until this franchise, his franchise and this coach, his head coach finally allow him the opportunity to do so.

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