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Brooklyn Nets pay homage to Biggie Smalls with city jerseys

The Brooklyn Nets city edition jerseys are understated at first glance, but they pay a subtle homage to Biggie Smalls, a Brooklyn legend.

The NBA’s city edition jerseys are usually hit or miss. Fans either love them or hate them. Fortunately for Brooklyn Nets fans, their squad’s city edition jerseys are *insert multiple fire emojis*. Fire emojis are still cool right?

Regardless, the jerseys are must-have for Nets fans, or fans of Biggie Smalls for that matter. At first glance, I liked the trim, but I didn’t place the significance of the design. My namesake was famous for his Coogi sweaters, but more than that, the Notorious B.I.G. was synonymous with Brooklyn.

The normal black and white jerseys are severely underrated. Are they among the best jerseys in the NBA? Probably not, but the all black and all white uniforms look clean and tight. The city edition jerseys add a little Brooklyn flair to the all-black look.

We’re still waiting to learn when and how often the Nets will rock these jerseys. But in the meantime, the nets are off to an up and down start. They’re sitting with a .500 record at 2-2 so in terms of wins and losses, they’re fine. But their two wins came against bad teams in the New York Knicks and Cleveland Cavaliers. The two losses came at the hands of likely playoff teams — the Detroit Pistons and Indiana Pacers.

If the Nets are a playoff team this season — and they believe they are — they’ll need to start beating some of the teams in the upper echelon of the league. Or at the very least, they’ll need to perform well against Eastern Conference opponents.

The Nets face a tall task on Friday — literally. Brooklyn travels to New Orleans to take on Anthony Davis and the imposing front line of the Pelicans.

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