Eli Manning
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New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning somehow finding his way to the Jacksonville Jaguars would provide us with the perfect NFL narrative.

Robby Sabo

Appreciation. The universal definition of the word is ironclad. Levels for which the word reflects upon different aspects of life is wide-ranging. Within the northern swamps of New Jersey, there’s one man who understands those levels better than anybody.

Twice, Eli Manning has been on top of the football world. Sprinkle in up-and-down, inconsistent play at times during the regular season and suddenly, one of the most underappreciated quarterbacks in NFL history is appropriately tagged.

Another monster has arrived in the category of Eli Manning appreciation in 2018 due to the New York Giants 1-5 start. Thanks to a cranky stud wide receiver, a terrible offensive line, and a new coach whose head-coaching credentials could never match his offensive coordinator column, the general and casual finger is firmly stuck pointing in the direction of the younger Manning.

Before we defend the man, let’s admit one thing off the bat: he’s not a perfect quarterback. In fact, nobody is. But it’s true that Eli will miss a throw here and there at times. He’s Tom Brady or Aaron Rodgers and this has been the case his entire career.

The difference today is that he’s not receiving his fair number of opportunities to do damage. The O-line, the scheme, and, the dirty-little-secret that’ll eventually leak out, Odell Beckham Jr. is not creating separation in coming back from that horrid season-ending injury a year ago. No QB can be graded appropriately while operating from such a built-in handicap.

In classic Eli form, we, once again, have it wrong … we think. To prove it, the narrative that is the Jacksonville Jaguars scooping up the veteran to make a Super Bowl run this winter must come to fruition.

Eli to Jax won’t just allow the younger Manning another tournament shot, it’ll allow every Giants fan an opportunity to see if Manning is, indeed, washed up or not (like so many are currently claiming).

The Giants Just Can't Protect This Man

It’s obvious that this organization cannot protect Eli Manning. After years of dedicated service and two Vince Lombardi trophies, the Jints have paid the vet back by throwing out Ereck Flowers-led lines year after year.

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