New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning may have lost a notch on his fastball, but is nowhere near the issue pertaining to this pathetic offense.

Robby Sabo

Only once did the Philadelphia Eagles blitz Eli Manning and the New York Giants passing attack. Just once. Think about that.

Yes, there were a few run blitzes tossed into the mix to offset a few specific run situations, but Jim Schwartz’s group literally rushed four on every passing play and continued to create madness in the pocket.

Do you understand what this means? Can you even begin to fathom the consequences for an offense that can’t even block a four-man pass rush on a routine basis? It’s mind-blowing. Slinging Sammy Baugh couldn’t find success against such odds. For an offense, it’s the NBA equivalent of attempting to score points with a point guard whose left arm is tied behind his back.

But forget about Slinging Sammy for a moment. New York’s two-time winning Super Bowl champion is under siege—especially after his performance in his team’s most recent defeat at the hands of the champs.

No matter who you might speak with, either Eli Manning sucks or an Eli Manning apologist continues to live in the past.

It’s silly. It’s wrong. It’s completely incorrect.

While Eli Manning has surely lost a level on his fastball, this man can surely still play the game. He is not the reason for this offense’s struggles thus far in 2018 and we have the film work to prove it. We will literally go through every passing play en route to the answer.

***The Giants ran 60 offensive plays in total in which 43 were of the passing variety. Excluding screen passes, we’ll dive into every one. 

Once done viewing the game film, there are three big-time issues with the offense that don’t concern No. 10.

  1. The offensive line is terrible and doesn’t allow anything to happen.
  2. The scheme is extremely conservative from the pocket.
  3. Nobody, including Odell Beckham Jr., is getting open.

Drive Number 1 Starting at Own 25-Yard Line

  • 1st-and-10: 8-yard completion to Cody Lattimer on the smoke route vs. 2-deep (Pressure).
  • 2nd-and-2: Interception looking for Rhett Ellison on the inside curl vs. single-high.

There’s no question about the first drive. This one was all on Eli. He simply cannot throw a pick in this spot. It literally spots the opposition at least three points to begin the game.

What most individuals are missing is that Manning didn’t have much of a chance the rest of the way.

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