Odell Beckham Jr. John Mara
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Odell Beckham Jr.’s father showcased the audacity to destroy New York Giants owner John Mara on social media, of course.

Robby Sabo

It’s almost amazing to sit back with the express intent to put things into perspective. During this social media age, the description of craziness almost always serves as a giant understatement.

As of Thursday, add another in the craziness column for Odell Beckham Jr. and the New York Giants.

OBJ’s father, Odell Beckham Sr., decided to thrust his name into the Big Blue controversy that is the 2018 season by, of course (where else?), taking to social media.

Via Instagram, OBJ Sr. put owner John Mara on blast for showing frustration in the press box.

The full description from the post:

REALLY⁉️???#imafather1st-Repost from @obj.news – Is ? that owner Mara picking up a chair and throwing it!! Oh my my the tree is acting like the Apple!!! #odellbeckhamjr #nygiants ? @nygiants_pics_news yet the commentator is talking about Odell.. wow!! Listen this is not the White House, we have comprehending cellular activity don’t even try it! He’s mad at how Odell is acting sooo HE DOES THE SAME??! ??? You couldn’t make this up if you tried!!

More amazing than simply seeing such a post is the idea that this has actually gained traction among a group of short-sided Giants supporters via social media on Thursday.

First of all, one incident of tossing a chair never equals a body of work of team-disruptive behavior.

Let’s repeat this: a single act can never equate to an entire body of work. Don’t fall for that trap.

It’s the ultimate social media move: to use one example, post it with awesome tweaking words with the full intent of attempting to make a short-sided point against an entire body of work. This is what OBJ Sr. did on Thursday and worst of all, it revealed just how many Giants fans take the bait.

After Beckham’s latest Facebook episode, he told Pat Leonard of the New York Daily News that he has nothing to apologize for.

“Bro, I’m sorry that I’m not gonna apologize from my heart,” said Beckham.

Of course, also coming with the Facebook video was the interview with Lil’ Wayne by his side in which many “in-house” issues were discussed outside of the locker room. A no-no for any athlete part of a legit team, professional or otherwise.

Mara responded with a bit of a challenge and it was exactly what the doctor ordered.

“I wish he would create the headlines by his play on the field as opposed to what he says and what he does off the field,” Mara said Tuesday at the fall league meetings in New York. “I think he needs to do a little more playing and a little less talking.”

Part of the problem with this organization as of late is that the inmates are running the asylum. The New York Giants football culture has rapidly deteriorated and instead of challenging individuals, rationalizing has represented the name of the Jints game (since Tom Coughlin’s ouster).

Now, daddy’s chiming in.

Standing principles or not, it’s never a good look to have mommy or daddy chiming in on the situation. Just ask Eli Apple—whose examples should have deterred the Beckham family from such a disaster.

Eli Manning, offensive line, Pat Shurmur—forget about it all. What’s wrong about the situation is that “campaigning” (whether through audio or on social media), is a major part of the franchise’s day-to-day headlines. This is terrible. When campaigning spreads from individual to owner to parent, nothing is right and the entire culture of a program is done—completely evaporated.

Attention New York Giants fans, you can “team up” on whichever side you’d like. Just know this: most likely, all of them are wrong in the end.

To actually plan any type of social media game is to already admit defeat.

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