Ben McAdoo
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Some New York Giants fans are yearning for the days of Ben McAdoo after their 1-5 start, but the modern struggles don’t fully absolve him.

Geoff Magliocchetti

We’re about to enter the seventh week of the 2018 NFL circuit. We’ve seen plenty of unexpected headlines.

For example, Ryan Fitzpatrick briefly created a quarterback controversy in Tampa Bay for three brilliant weeks. Le’veon Bell’s extended holdout gave rise to James Conner in Pittsburgh. Jon Gruden’s new-look Oakland Raiders failed to outscore many of the soccer teams that partake on the Wembley Stadium pitch. Even the Cleveland Browns, leaders in losing, have managed not only a pair of wins but a miraculous tie as well.

But perhaps the most bizarre headline, as well as the most unexpected, has been the potential redemption of departed New York Giants head coach Ben McAdoo.

McAdoo apologists have risen in the wake of the modern Giants’ 1-5 start, duplicating the mark they had through six games last season, McAdoo’s second and final year at the Giants’ helm. Six games later, McAdoo was dismissed alongside general manager Jerry Reese, less than a year after he oversaw the Giants’ first playoff appearance in five seasons. Began in his place did the Pat Shurmur era, but, thus far, the changing of the guard has only brought upon more despair.

There are plenty of similarities between the latest two seasons in Giants history, both of which have featured plenty of losses of both the heartbreaking and blowout varieties. Further talk has centered on an Odell Beckham Jr. sideline display, and the offensive line is struggling to block.

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