Odell Beckham Jr. New York Giants
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New York Giants superstar Odell Beckham Jr. voiced his agitation with the fact that the team’s offense has been unable to produce.

The frustration that fans of the New York Giants feel is shared by the team’s biggest star.

Star wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. told reporters that he feels that it should not be as difficult to score as it has been for the team, according to Bleacher Report (via Twitter)

The frustration is understandable. Despite Beckham, Eli Manning, Saquon Barkley, and Sterling Shepard, as well as injured tight end Evan Engram, the team has been unable to crack 30 points this season. In fact, only once this year have they cracked 20 points.

Some of the team’s issues once again fall on an offensive line unit that is still less than stellar. However, even with solid protection, the Giants offense has seemed conservative despite all their playmakers.

Coach Pat Shurmur has appeared unwilling to challenge defenses vertically. Additionally, he only handed the ball to Barkley 10 times against the Saints, despite the fact that they faced a lot of soft zone coverage with two safeties deep, causing the offense to sputter.

For his part, Beckham has 31 catches for 331 yards, yet has failed to find the end zone through four games. He’s put up 10.7 yards per reception, which is 1.4 yards below his previous career low and 3.1 yards below his career average. Entering this season, he’s averaged four touchdowns for every five games he played. Beckham has struggled to make the impact he usually does in an offense that hasn’t pushed the envelope.

Some of Beckham’s frustration comes from his knowledge of what the offense is capable of doing. The team is loaded with playmakers, and it should only be a matter of time before they start making plays.

But if it takes too much longer, the Giants will be looking at another season well outside of the playoff race.

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