Juwan Johnson
(Photo by Brett Carlsen/Getty Images)

Penn State’s, Juwan Johnson leaves his feet and reels in the ball in what could possibly go down as the catch of the year.

That is unreal. Juwan Johnson of Penn State goes upstairs and somehow, someway hauls in the spectacular one-handed catch. You have to watch this one more than once and from a few different angles before you can fully grasp how he managed to pull that one in.

Soak it in because that’s the best catch you’ll see all week. It’s such a weak comparison at this point because everyone makes it, but forgive me here, that was Odell Beckham Jr.-like.

Johnson had to leave his feet, adust in mid-air, and finally snag the ball with the only free hand he has. Unbelievable.

Beaver Stadium in University Park is absolutely jumping early. It has been slow going for both teams early, but Penn State is feeding off their crowd. Ohio State definitely has their work cut out for them.

This top ten matchup hasn’t disappointed early. Despite the lack of scoring, both teams are fighting tooth and nail for everything they get. Johnson’s ridiculous catch is the biggest play of the game so far, but you have to imagine that these teams will break free soon.

It’s a whiteout night in the stadium. The crowd is jacked up. The only question is whether or not the Buckeyes or the Nittany Lions will strike the final blow. As long as guys are making plays like Johnson, it’s worth the watch.

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