Jeremy Bates
(Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images)

New York Jets offensive coordinator Jeremy Bates expresses frustration with headset malfunction while taking a subtle shot at the Patriots.

Robby Sabo

Jeremy Bates is frustrated and he’s not afraid about letting the world know. Well, he’s expressing his frustration while not making any excuses.

After practice in Florham Park, New Jersey on Thursday afternoon, the New York Jets offensive coordinator told reporters that he’s experienced technical difficulties with his headset in each of the first three games of the brand new season.

“It’s been three games,” Bates proclaimed. “I’m not making excuses, but three times our headsets failed us. Not throwing anyone under the bus, but the button stopped working. We’ve tried to correct it. Obviously, we understand that that can happen anytime, especially in New England (laughter).”

Obviously, the New England Patriots situation has been well documented. It’s interesting considering the Jets haven’t played them yet this season.

“We’ve come up with a system and we tried that system in Cleveland and we had to call a timeout,” Bates added. “So, we are still growing with that. But as far as the communication with Sam, he’s extremely bright, he can spit out the plays. there are certain situations where we have wristbands when the plays are a little bit longer. So, we do that, we do a little bit of both. As far as getting in and out of the huddle, I think it’s been good execution.”

It’s clear Bates suspects foul play of some sort.

“You can FaceTime people in China, but our headsets go out,” Bates said.

Whether or not he has a legit claim isn’t the point right now. Instead, taking the shackles off of young Sam Darnold and allowing him to adjust plays pre-snap will overcome any communication issues that may arise throughout the season—and more will come.

Right now, the Jets are running far too often into eight-man boxes while passing into two-deep zones, and it has everything to do with treating the 21-year-old QB like a helpless kid.

Nineteen times the Jets ran the ball into an eight-man box last Thursday night against the Cleveland Browns. That’s nearly 33 percent of the entire offense. Headset working or not, pre-snap adjustments via Darnold is what the doctor ordered.

It’ll especially be evident this coming Sunday as the New York Jets will be taking on the mighty Jacksonville Jaguars defense.

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