Khalil Mack
(Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images)

The New York Jets were prepared to beat the Chicago Bears offer for Khalil Mack. Here’s how far they were willing to go. 

It was widely speculated and now it has been confirmed: the New York Jets finished in second place in the Khalil Mack sweepstakes, but it’s not because the Jets weren’t willing to pay up says CBS Sports Insider Jason La Canfora:

“League sources said the Raiders, in whittling down the market for Mack, did not hold a true auction for the All-Pro’s services, and in essence closed the bidding once they had received assurances the Bears would trade two first-round picks. The Jets were prepared to beat that offer if need be, the sources said, but were never presented with the opportunity. Ultimately, the Raiders believe the picks from the Bears may be higher in the draft order, and by trading him to Chicago, they also moved him out of the AFC for the foreseeable future.”

So apparently the Raiders are a big Sam Darnold believer too? Regardless, this ultimately shows how serious the Jets are at contending now as opposed to later.

The team was apparently willing to beat a Chicago Bears offer that included two first-round picks. That would’ve been the largest trade for a defensive player in NFL history (considering the compensation included).

But also in that same report, the Jets apparently put forth an offer to the Jacksonville Jaguars for Dante Fowler Jr., but were rebuffed. (That had been speculated previously.)

In Week 1, the Jets did not register a sack, but surprisingly, they were able to create some pressure with some players playing above their heads and some creative blitz concepts from head coach Todd Bowles.

Is that a one week wonder or do the Jets have better pass rushers then we thought? I’ll lean more towards the magic of Week 1. As the green and white creep deeper into the 2018 season, the less likely it seems a deal will be consummated.

That’s true for a few reasons:

  • The player traded has to learn the new system he’s cast into, which isn’t easy.
  • You want to be methodical, not desperate. In the middle of the season, it’s easy to be loosey-goosey with compensation because you don’t have the same luxury of time to think about it. The Jets need to be judiciously moving forward with what they’re willing to give up.
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