New York Mets Mickey Callaway
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New York Mets manager Mickey Callaway loves managing the team and wants to be back in 2019 to right the ship.

With the New York Mets seemingly moving on from Sandy Alderson (potentially looking to go in a completely different direction), there is an outside possibility that Mickey Callaway will not return as manager.

It’s unlikely that the team will move on from Callaway, as he is in his first year as a manager and has dealt with a lot of injuries this season. However, his struggles have drawn the ire of many fans and notable radio host/general blowhard Mike Francesca is not impressed with him.

Callaway is hoping to return to the team next year, according to Matt Ehalt of the North Jersey Record. When asked about whether he hopes to return he said, “I love being here.”

The Mets enter play on Aug. 11 with a record of 48-65. After guiding the team to an 11-1 start, the team has fallen off a cliff faster than Wile E Coyote. He has made some errors, including bringing in a new pitcher before a pinch hitter was announced twice.

When asked if he was worried about his job answer, Callaway said he was focused on the job currently at hand. “I try to come to work every day and help guys improve and win games. Worrying about what happens to me is not beneficial to me doing my job the right way.”

Callaway’s contract and the fact that he has dealt with injuries this season are factors that work in his favor. The biggest factor working against Callaway is the fact that a new general manager would presumably like to have a say as to who the manager is.

That said, the likely result is that Callaway is retained and tries to right the ship in 2019 under a new general manager.

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