New York Mets Mickey Callaway
(Photo by Mike Zarrilli/Getty Images)

Not much has gone right for New York Mets manager Mickey Callaway this year. WFAN’s Mike Francesa decided to remind him by firing off a critical tweet. 

The only way to feel confident about the New York Mets not losing a game is when there is no game actually on their schedule. Even when that happens, it still seems like the club can’t catch a break.

After some questionable bullpen moves, a meltdown from Jeurys Familia, and a rather testy press conference on Wednesday, manager Mickey Callaway received some more criticism. It came on the Twitter machine this time, courtesy of WFAN’s Mike Francesa:

At this point, it’s hard to argue this. After seemingly pushing every right button through the season’s first couple weeks, it feels like he hasn’t pressed a correct one in months.

The one constant from Callaway’s introductory press conference and nearly every appearance he made during Spring Training was his desire to hold players accountable. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see how that’s gone by the wayside based off the progression of his public comments, but it went to another level Wednesday night.

When asked about his decisions on how to handle the bullpen, Callaway’s wasn’t what we’ve come to expect. There were a couple of notable soundbites, but this one really sticks out, via MetsBlog:

“Yeah so how it works in baseball in the ninth inning or any inning, you get a guy going and they call down when they’re ready…So, they’re ready when they go in.”

These comments haven’t gone over well in the media, which is just shocking news.

At the time of Callaway’s hiring, general manager Sandy Alderson acknowledged that there would be growing pains with a first-year manager at the helm. However, one has to wonder if the front office imagined the skipper would appear to be this overwhelmed with the wrong decisions and constant second-guessing of his decisions.

The smart money says probably not, but just as players have half a season to turn things around, so does Callaway. He can use Philadelphia Phillies first-year manager, Gabe Kapler, as inspiration. His handling of the pitching staff led to boos from the crowd within the first week of the season. And now? Well, he shook that off and has his club in a playoff hunt.

Righting the ship to that extreme measure isn’t likely for New York with regard to 2018. Nearly anything would be better than what’s been happening on a nightly basis lately, though.

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