Saquon Barkley Adrian Peterson
Bruno Rouby

New York Giants rookie running back Saquon Barkley is taking notes from one of the premier running backs in the last decade.

Throughout his entire career at Penn State, New York Giants rookie running back Saquon Barkley operated from the shotgun. There wasn’t a single snap in his three years in college where Barkley played behind a fullback.

Now entering a brand new system in New York, the second-overall pick needs to adapt and develop new strengths. In head coach Pat Shurmur’s offense, Barkley will be operating alongside a fullback more than he ever has. To prepare for this new challenge, Barkley received some film on one of the best to ever do it, Adrian Peterson.

Over the past decade, Peterson solidified himself as a dominant NFL running back. And for the majority of the time, he has done it in an offset-I formation. Now Saquon is studying the future Hall of Famer’s film to prepare for his new offensive endeavors.

Multiple Giants spoke to Matt Lombardo of NJ Advance Media on this very subject.

“Saquon actually got a bunch of film from Adrian Peterson about running behind a fullback,” fullback Shane Smith said. “Because that’s something he really wanted to learn how to do.”

Smith is gearing up to compete for the starting fullback job this upcoming season for Big Blue. And for the offense to succeed, it’s crucial that he and Barkley are on the same page.

“I continue to grow in that role, and build that relationship on the field with a fullback,” Barkley told NJ Advance Media. “I really feel like that can help take my game to that next level.”

Although his fantastic speed is the hallmark of his game, Barkley does a great job setting up his blockers and running downhill. He’s expected to step into this role and excel.

Ryan Honey is a staff writer and host of the Wide Right Podcast.