Odell Beckham Jr.
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New York Giants superstar wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. spoke to the media for the first time in 2018 on Saturday and talk about his recovery and what it means to be back on the field.

Odell Beckham Jr. spoke with the media for the first time in several months on Saturday morning. In his opening comment, he spoke about how much it means to be back on the field.

“It’s honestly just great to be back out there. As I’ve been running routes, running around, I remember nights falling asleep downstairs, having to get up to my room and literally having to crawl up three flights of stairs to get to my room. So to be able to walk again and be able to do the little things, you’re very appreciative of being able to be back out there, and it’s great to be back out there with some of those guys – Sterling [Shepard], it’s always good to see him, Saquon [Barkley], everybody. It’s going to be a good team.”

There was uncertainty surrounding Beckham this offseason on whether or not he would hold out in hopes of getting a new contract. But he did not hold out and was a participant at OTAs and minicamp, prior to training camp which opened on July 25.

He also spoke about why he didn’t hold out when other players around the league did.

“Like I said, after I see my ankle snap and it feels like your world turns upside down, life’s just different. I’m just happy. Honestly, for real, I’m just happy to be back out there running around. And like I said before, I don’t believe in any of that stuff. I feel like they’ll get it done when they get it done, let my agent and them figure it out. I just come out here, try and get all the plays down, focus on being the best that I can be. So, it’ll happen when it happens.”

He also added that he’s optimistic that a deal will eventually get done.

He was also asked if he feels there’s a risk of getting injured practicing and playing in the preseason without a new contract.

“It’s a calculated risk. You’re out there, you control your body and we’re practicing, these are your teammates and we’re all working together. There’s no extra pushing and shoving and doing too much, so it’s all calculated. And, like I said again, I remember not being able to walk at all so to be able to be back on the field doing what I love, it’s truly an amazing feeling.”

Later he was asked what did he miss the most about not being able to play football.

“You guys. I missed you guys. No, really. I love football. Football was always an [outlet] for me, it was always how I could get everything out, and just being able to be back out on the field like I said, I remember waking up 4 [o’clock] in the morning and crawling upstairs to my bed and laughing to myself, like this is going to be a hell of a ride for you to get back to where you’re at. And now I’m here, and there’s still a lot more for me to do. It’s truly, I’m just thankful; that God is able to put me back out there.”

It’s not known at this time if Beckham will play in the Giants preseason opener against the Browns on Thursday, but he has looked sharp in practice and has shown no ill-effects from having ankle surgery.

Whether he plays or not on Thursday is irrelevant. The good news is he looks healthy; he’s happy to be back on the field and is not worrying about his contract.

This is a great sign for the New York Giants and their loyal fans.

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