New York Jets Christopher Johnson
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New York Jets CEO Christopher Johnson joined the team in doing pushups that were ordered by coach Todd Bowles.

Most NFL teams have some form of punishment for players if they commit a penalty during a training camp practice. The punishment usually involves some form of exercise, be it running a lap, finishing off a hard-earned sprint, or doing pushups.

New York Jets head coach Todd Bowles uses pushups, but with a twist. Instead of doing the pushups, the player who committed the infraction has to watch as all of his teammates do pushups, while he does none. The theory is that it will increase accountability, as players will be on each other to avoid penalties, lest they need to do pushups.

Bowles is desperate to decrease penalties as the team was the fifth-most penalized team last season, acquiring 7.4 penalties per game. Bowles’ policy even extends to his bosses, as the team tweeted a photo of CEO Christopher Johnson partaking in the pushups.

Johnson is the brother of owner Woody Johnson and is serving as CEO while Woody Johnson is serving as the ambassador to the United Kingdom. Christopher Johnson has spoken about his excitement for the upcoming season, as well as stating his belief that Sam Darnold will bring the team to the next level.

Johnson, while visible, has mostly left Bowles and general manager Mike Maccagnan alone to execute their vision. It has left the Jets in a position where they have a lot of young talent to build around, even if it takes another season for the results to materialize.

Bowles is entering his fourth full season as a head coach in the NFL, having spent the past three with the Jets (he was also the interim coach of the Miami Dolphins in 2011 for three games).

He won 10 games in his first season, but has had back-to-back 5-11 seasons since. Bowles is on the hot seat to show that he is the right coach to develop and lead the young players the Jets have stockpiled.

He’s trying some unconventional methods, but if they work, he’ll be hoping to sniff the playoffs for the first time as a coach.

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