2. Parry Nickerson, CB, Tulane

When the New York Jets selected Parry Nickerson with the 179th overall pick out of Tulane, Jets fans rejoiced. That’s because most thought that’d be the end of the Buster Skrine experiment.

Not so fast.

While Skrine has an affinity for yellow flags, the Jets won’t be moving on from him this season. Despite all the hoopla, he actually is still a competent player. But Nickerson is a smaller, feisty, ball hawk that the Jets desperately needed. He experienced a ton of production in college so we’ll see how he matches up against NFL caliber talent.

1. Chad Hansen, WR, California

This is the number one name in my head and it’s because everyone has been talking about the development of this kid since the spring. All the hype talk was nice, but let’s get to the meat and potatoes and the only way to do that is by slapping the pads on.

Maybe two California kids in Sam Darnold and Chad Hansen can be the perfect match.

Hansen didn’t get a ton of opportunities last season, but this year has a chance to seize his role, whatever that may end up being.

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