New York Giants Damon Harrison
Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images

The season hasn’t even started yet and already the New York Giants’ Damon Harrison has a beef with the Philadelphia Eagles.

Everyone better grab some sunglasses because the shade is real from New York Giants defensive tackle Damon Harrison.

The Philadelphia Eagles may have won the Super Bowl last season but that doesn’t mean anything coming into the 2018-19 season for the Giants. No, they are primed and ready to bring home their own trophy.

Well, it seems like fans of the Eagles have gotten too full of themselves and Harrison wasn’t having any of it.

While I don’t normally condone players getting into arguments with fans on Twitter, this one is gold. Especially since he’s attacking a defensive juggernaut who was a first-team All-Pro back in 2016 and has the makings to become so much more. And it’s a really bold move to do so when you only have 52 followers.

But regardless, Harrison found this tweet and he went off.

Kudos to Harrison, who shows that he’s definitely got a lot of fight in him. The defensive tackle naturally had other fans come to his defense but who needs that when you literally are a 6-foot-3 beast who is making millions of dollar per year? You’ve already won, Snacks.

All of this started as a response to Pro Football Focus, who posted a graphic on how dominant Harrison has been with his run stop percentage in 2017. While people were trying to tear him down, you can’t dispute facts. The fact is that Harrison had the best run stop percentage of all defensive tackles last season.

Last season, Harrison collected the first interception of his career and combined for a total of 76 tackles and 25 assists. He is looking to be even more effective next season with the support of all his haters.

Twitter may seem like a stupid platform but just take another look around; it gets people fired up. And what more could the Giants want than a motivated defensive tackle entering this season?

Thanks Korey, you might have just poked the Giant and made him even better.

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