New York Yankees Luis Severino
(Photo by Paul Bereswill/Getty Images)

The New York Yankees’ ace Luis Severino shares his opinion on the idea of Jacob deGrom making his way across town to don the pinstripes.

In Washington on Monday, Luis Severino was speaking to reporters when he was asked about Jacob deGrom being traded to the pinstripes via SNY’s Danny Abriano:

“He’s one of the greatest pitchers,” Severino Said. “Great guy. He’s awesome. … if they trade him to the Yankees, I mean, that would be great.”

A potential deGrom-Severino marriage?! Where do I sign up?

Jacob deGrom is a bonafide ace. His league-leading 1.68 ERA is the reason he is arguably the best pitcher in the National League. Not only is he leading, but the next closest ERA is Chris Sale’s 2.23 of the American League.

A potential top of the rotation featuring Severino and deGrom always make for a story. Rumors began with constant debate on New York sports talk radio of potential trade proposals between the Yankees and Mets. All the while, the New York Daily News published this notable back page on May 18th:

Featured was deGrom and Noah Syndergaard in Yankees uniforms which led to delight amongst Yankee fans. Nevertheless, the rumors and talks have died down somewhat— to the extent that the Mets brass came out and said they will not trade their two horses by the deadline.

However, deGrom’s agent has recently stated that the Mets need to pull the trigger on a long-term deal for his client or start considering possible trades for the right-handed ace.

Regardless of all the smoke screens, Severino would welcome a trade for deGrom with open arms. He, along with many others, see this possible trade as a gamechanger — one that puts the Yankees in a different category than the Boston Red Sox. Having two bonafide aces is a pipe dream at the moment, but sometimes it’s okay to be wishful.

For now, the Yankees and Bronx faithful must play the cards they were dealt. ‘Jacob deGrom rumors to the Yankees’ are not on the horizon any more than they were just two months ago.

The Yankees have been in contact with the Blue Jays for J.A. Happ and as well as the Tigers for Michael Fulmer. At this juncture, these middle-of-the-rotation guys seem like the more realistic options.

As for Severino, there’s nothing wrong with dreaming big. It is the Big Apple after all.

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