Jacob deGrom
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If New York Mets pitcher Jacob deGrom deserves one serious shoutout this season, it’s starting the 2018 MLB All-Star Game.

“I want to start the game. I want it.”

Those were the words from the mouth of Jacob deGrom, who was selected to his second MLB All-Star Game.

The New York Mets ace has clearly been vocal about the opportunity of starting the 2018 MLB All-Star Game — and rightfully so. deGrom has been what you call an “ace,” “stopper,” and all around “best pitcher” in the National League this season.

His numbers speak for itself. deGrom leads all the National League in total WAR (6.0), ERA (1.68) and base-out runs saved (32.37).

He is second only behind Scherzer in WHIP at .973 — meaning that deGrom just about gives up no more than a walk or hit per inning pitched. Is that not enough?

Regardless of what the statistics say, there is one number that really amounts to nothing: Wins. Jake sports a total of five in 19 starts this season. This is due to the fact the rest of the Mets team seems to disappear each time he takes the hill.

Entering last Thursday, deGrom showcased the worst run support in baseball for starters throwing at least 120 innings at 3.79 runs per start. Overall, the Mets have averaged 2.77 runs per game in their last 13 and overall provide him 3.77 runs per game on the season.

Try having to pitch through that obstacle every five days.

deGrom has my vote to start the ASG. There is no one who deserves it more than Jake — maybe other than Max Scherzer.

The game is, indeed, in Washington, Scherzer’s hometown team, and he, himself, also has had a tremendous season with his 12-5 record and 2.41 ERA in 142.2 innings pitched this season. Nevertheless, take away Scherzer’s win total or place him on the Mets and see if he has half as many wins as he does now. See *deGrom* as an example.

“I think that getting chosen to an All-Star Game is an honor,” degrom said. “Getting chosen as the starting pitcher is a step above that, so it would be an honor to start it. I’d like that, but I guess, we’ll have to see what happens.” (per Kristie Ackert, NY Daily news)

With the All-Star Game in roughly 24 hours, a name will be dropped soon from Dave Roberts and his staff. There are two men who equally deserve the shot of starting on the bump for the ASG, but there is one who truly has endured misfortune this season, and that man is Jacob deGrom.

deGrom doesn’t have the satisfaction of owning double-digit wins heading into the All-Star break, not because of him, but because of his team’s lack of hitting.

He should not be penalized for something he can’t control. If win-total is the tale-telling sign of a pitcher, then MLB and Dave Roberts are sadly mistaken. A 1.68 ERA, however, is.

Make the right choice Dave.

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