10. EA Sports’ “NBA Live 2005” on PS2, Xbox, CameCube (2004)

Speaking of a changing of a guard, the last legitimate EA Sports hoops game came back during the 2005 season with “NBA Live 2005.”

It included an NBA All-Star Weekend and, by far, the greatest slam-dunk competition in basketball video game history.

Two-thousand-five was the end result of the developers re-engineering everything about the series for the previous three years. Obviously, it didn’t last.

9. EA Sports’ “MVP Baseball 2005” on PS2, Xbox, GameCube (2005)

While The Show has certainly grown to become the greatest baseball series of all-time, it may not have been had EA Sports been allowed to keep its MLB license.

Some folks place “MVP Baseball 2005” in the top five. Here, we place at nine due to a little respect for The Show.

Everything about the game was revolutionary and revolved around polygonal hitters reading pitches to baserunners sliding to specific spots of the bag. All of this coupled with an owners mode.

It’s argued as the greatest baseball simulation to date.

8. Sony’s “MLB 13: The Show” on PS3 (2013)

Speaking of baseball simulations, take your pick when it comes to Sony’s “MLB The Show.”

On this list, we’ll choose the 2013 version, but, realistically, every version once EA Sports was forced to walk away has been tremendous. The animations were just nasty and this was the specific version in which the developers opened up the hitting window a bit—as scoring had been down the previous couple versions.

Take your pick when it comes to The Show.

7. EA Sports’ “NBA Street Vol. 2” on PS2, Xbox, GameCube (2003)

Addictive. That’s the best way to explain “NBA Street” and “NBA Street Vol. 2.” It is, no doubt, a non-sim game that’s all arcade, but what a fun arcade-style court game this was.

In stark contrast to the granddaddy of all arcade hoops games, “NBA Jam,” Street actually took players on the outside hardcourt in authentic and iconic hoops areas of our country, such as Rucker Park or The Cage.

Collects point to build your player, to get that gear, and build your team—it was the game within the actual game on the court that made this copy so special.

6. 2K’s “NBA 2K11” on PS3, Xbox 360 (2010)

Baseball folks discuss The Show just as basketball folks discuss “NBA 2K.”

Again, take your pick. Every copy of 2K is pretty must stellar (save for a couple early versions when “NBA Live” was still at its highest level).

“NBA 2K11” is our sixth greatest game of all-time for a few reasons. Micheal Jordan graced the cover and was completely entrenched in the game to go along with many nostalgic elements of NBA history.