• EA Sports’ “Madden NFL 10” on PS3, Xbox 360 (2009)
  • SNK’s “Baseball Stars” on NES (1989)
  • Tengen’s “RBI Baseball” on NES (1987)
  • EA Sports’ “Bulls vs. Lakers and the NBA Playoffs” on Genesis, SNES (1991)
  • Nintendo’s “Ice Hockey” on NES (1988)
  • Bethesda Softworks’ “Wayne Gretzky Hockey” on NES (1988)
  • EA Sports’ “Tony LaRussa Baseball” on Genesis (1993)
  • Data East’s “Tag Team Wrestling” on NES (1983)
  • EA Sports’ “March Madness 2005” on PS2, Xbox, GameCube (2004)
  • Sega’s “World Series Baseball” on Genesis (1993)
  • Sega’s “Joe Montana Football ’94” on Genesis (1994)
  • Midway’s “NBA Jam, Tournament Edition” on Genesis, SNES (1994)
  • EA Sports’ “UFC Undisputed 3” on PS3 and Xbox 360 (2012)
  • EA Sports’ “John Madden Football” on NES (1988)
  • Midway’s “Arch Rivals” on NES (1989)

The notables section could include more, but, hey, this is a list consisting of 23 of the greatest sports video games of all-time.

EA Sports’ was simply called Electronic Arts back in the day when Sega Genesis brought an entirely unique world to gamers everywhere during the early 1990s. “Bulls vs. Lakers and the NBA Playoffs” was as good as it gets (despite the fact only the 16 playoff teams from the 1990-91 NBA season were included in the game).

The same can be said for “Tony LaRussa Baseball” circa 1993. The Toronto Blue Jays were kings at the time and the game featured every player, every team and even sent pulled relievers to the showers.

In terms of the non-EA Sports games, Sega had started to make a serious push with “World Series Baseball” and “Joe Montana Football ’94,” two games I owned and rolled with prior to switching to MVP Baseball and Madden. World Series Baseball was known for deploying the best and only Home Run Derby feature of the era.

Now let’s move on to the big show …