New York Giants Odell Beckham Jr.
(Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images)

According to a story from Sports Illustrated’s Jenny Vrentas, the final grade for the 2018 New York Giants offseason is in.

Many would say the New York Giants have had a great offseason. They’ve portrayed an attitude and mindset that focuses on an environment with a clean slate. With a new coaching staff, front office and sensational rookie running back in Saquon Barkley, players, staff and fans are overly-excited.

According to Jenny Vrentas of Sports lllustrated, the Giants are atop the NFC East in these regards. Ranking the offseason for each NFC East team, the Giants and Eagles both hold the best grade of B. The Cowboys and Redskins are thus trailing, with both organizations receiving a grade of C.

When discussing the Giants offseason, it’s become a tough situation for new general manager Dave Gettleman. Coming off one of the most disappointing seasons for Big Blue, it was imminent that changes needed to be made. Gettleman realized this and stepped up to the plate. Signing LT Nate Solder and drafting LG Will Hernandez, the Giants are highly expected to have a much improved offensive line in 2018.

The contract situation for star receiver Odell Beckham Jr. is an issue that needs to be dealt with in the future. However, Beckham will not be holding out, despite earlier reports. This is only good news for Big Blue. It shows Beckham’s attitude has improved and could foreshadow an eventual new contract for OBJ soon.

However, there’s one downside according to Vrentas which led the Giants to only getting a ‘B’ for their offseason grade. Along with a few others, she believes the Giants shouldn’t have passed up on a quarterback with their first pick. Although Barkley is a generational talent to many, the quarterback class was still a lot stronger than previous years. And with quarterback Eli Manning at 37 years old, it makes sense to people for the Giants to look into an offensive leader for the future. However, the team feels high on QB Davis Webb, so how he and Eli perform in the future will answer that argument.

Ryan Honey is a staff writer and host of the Wide Right Podcast.