Brooklyn Nets Spencer Dinwiddie
(Photo by Abbie Parr/Getty Images)

With free agency looming, where LeBron James ends up next year is still unknown. The Brooklyn Nets are sitting out the recruitment process.

LeBron James is likely to be the hottest topic of conversation among NBA circles for the next few months. This is the third major free agency decision LeBron will need to make in his career and it’s all hands on deck for players recruiting him. And yes, that means the Brooklyn Nets too.

Spencer Dinwiddie took to Twitter to dispell any rumors of LeBron making his way to Brooklyn. He responded to what was probably a flood of Nets fans in his mentions asking for the players to begin recruiting the best player on the planet. Dinwiddie has a more realistic view than most fans.

Nice shoutout from the point guard to his big man Jarrett Allen, but I don’t think fans are going forget about LeBron because of Allen’s upside shown during his rookie season.

Maybe this is Dinwiddie’s way of playing hard to get? This is probably definitely a gigantic stretch, but the Nets players could all be following this same line of thinking. Rather than actively recruiting a superstar, like players have been known to do in the past—we’re looking at you Draymond Green—the Nets are letting LeBron come to them.

Rondae Hollis-Jefferson followed Dinwiddie’s lead when he took to Twitter to defend LeBron against unfair TV analysts. We’ll forgive the grammatical mistakes. What matters most is that he’s showing James that the Nets are a team that will support him at all costs.

You have to love this strategy from the Brooklyn Nets. Everyone knows LeBron is all about coded and cryptic social media messages—except during the playoffs. If the Nets can send enough smoke signals via Twitter, Instagram, and whatever other social media apps LeBron is on, they might have a shot to land the superstar free agent.

Disclaimer: They don’t.

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