Islanders orange alternate concept
Spencer Hazen, ESNY Graphic

Here we go again New York Islanders fans, a third jersey is in the works. With few details released about it, let’s speculate on what it could look like.

It’s time to take a break from the Lou Lamoriello and John Tavares talk. The New York Islanders are in the process of making yet another third jersey, according to the Athletic’s Arthur Staple.

This installment of an alternate uniform will be the team’s fourth in 10 years, including when the royal blue home unis were an alternative to the navy blue Reebok Edge jerseys. Overall, uniform changes haven’t exactly been the Islanders forte.

But only one of the three alternates over the past decade—not including the current home jersey—was well received from fans. That’d be the Stadium Series jersey, which was a home run as far as meeting a middle ground between something new and a jersey that didn’t stray too far away. Still, traditionalists didn’t like the fact that it dropped “the island” from the Islanders main crest.

New York Islanders
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As for the other two, both black, the Islanders never dealt in wordmarks and concern grew when the “NY” became a “Brooklyn inspired” black alternate. Black, blue and orange can coexist, however. The Knicks and Mets both made it work for years. It’s been horrible execution on the Islanders part that makes fans not want to see it anywhere near the uniform.

So what could the team have in the works? Perhaps a mirror image of the Islanders home jersey, but in orange with blue numbers. Make the collar blue and flip the blue and white stripes on the sleeves. Blue at the end just seems to work.

Islanders orange alternate concept
Courtesy of ESNY writer Spencer Hazen

The pants would stay blue but socks would take on an orange base color and mirror the striping on the jersey. This would make it look like a complete set, similar to how Edmonton did it when they introduced their orange jersey.

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Or maybe the Islanders could grab elements from the past. One bright spot about the fisherman jersey set was the lighthouse logo on the shoulders. If that were re-colored in just orange, royal and white and put on a blue jersey, it could pop.

Perhaps a thin sliver of teal would make its way to the jersey as a nod to the past. That idea isn’t as vilified anymore considering how many people are seen at the games in fisherman jerseys. Add a nameplate for a nod to the Stadium Series sweater.

Islanders lighthouse alternate concept
Courtesy of ESNY writer Spencer Hazen

The last idea that could work is either reviving the Stadium Series jersey as is or tweak it slightly, though there really isn’t much to change. It added elements never before seen for the Isles like a different colored nameplate. Perhaps they could add an orange border around the white shoulder yoke. Keep the stripes the same, as they’re different and fresh.

If the Isles are feeling bold, they can change it so the NY crest and shoulder yoke are orange, outlined in white and blue. The numbers and nameplates can remain the same. If they were to change it correctly, seeing more orange on that template of a jersey could be a breath of fresh air.

It’s always complicated with the Islanders. They never do things the easy way and it is almost always more drawn out than it needs to be.

Regardless, they have a lot of ideas to pull from. They don’t need to overcomplicate things. It’s just speculation at this point. Perhaps we’ll get our first look at the draft on June 22. The Isles will also be holding a draft party at NYCB Live, or as the fans know it, “the Old Barn.”