Robby Anderson, New York Jets
(Photo by Ed Mulholland/Getty Images)

It seems like New York Jets star wideout Robby Anderson is in the clear after some clarification on his case. Now he can focus on what’s most important: football. 

Where are all the New York Jets fans who wanted to act on rumors and speculation? Well according to Miami radio host Andy Slater, none of the accusations thrown Robby Anderson’s way could be corroborated by Captain Javier Ortiz’s fellow police offers:

Innocent until proven guilty much?

Here are the highlights from the report:

  • Anderson had backstage passes, he tried to use said backstage passes, and the security team wouldn’t let him for an unknown reason.
  • The situation escalates and police offers arrive to defuse the situation. Officer Ortiz tells Anderson to chill, allegedly he doesn’t, next thing you know he’s in a police car.
  • Officer Ortiz alleges that Anderson shoved him, while all other officers who were present denied that was true. Ortiz failed to appear in court twice (so it wasn’t Anderson skipping out on court dates? (Interesting). Thus, the case was ruled ineligible due to insufficient evidence.

Long story short kiddos, the moral of this story is this: Get all your facts straight before you start throwing stones. Anderson didn’t do anything wrong, yet Jets fans were calling for his execution.

Here’s the thing.

Anderson is the Jets best offensive talent (not named Sam Darnold). He just turned 25 years old and, according to the analytics he was the best deep threat of any wide receiver last season, averaging 37 yards per touchdown reception. (Min. five TD receptions – Anderson had seven).

Right below Anderson was Kansas City’s Tyreek Hill (35.1) and Houston’s Will Fuller (27.6), some pretty good company.

With Darnold at the helm, he won’t need to vote for himself in the Pro Bowl in 2018—perhaps he can earn it of his own volition. That’d be the first time that happened by a team drafted guy at the wide receiver position since the late 1990’s (Keyshawn Johnson).

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