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New York Giants rookie minicamp notes: Saquon Barkley as good as advertised

Saquon Barkley and 60 other players attended New York Giants rookie minicamp on Friday in attempt to earn an invite to training camp in July.

Friday was the first time the New York Giants 2018 rookie class and undrafted free agents took the practice field for the first time. In addition to the rookies, there were also try-out players and other youngsters who were taken in last year’s draft such as guard Adam Bisnowaty in attendance.

Giants rookie minicamp is underway.

In total, there were 61 players at rookie minicamp trying to make a great first impression.

Prior to practice, head coach Pat Shurmur talked about what he wants to see the next three days.

“Good morning everybody. Rookie minicamp – this is an exciting weekend for 61 guys. They are getting a chance to live out their dream of playing pro football. I think when we look at it, we have a mixture of drafted players, college undrafted players, tryout guys and so we’re going to put them through the paces for three days here and try and teach them. I think what’s important is and I’ve talked to the staff, I’ve talked to our current players, we want to teach our rookies the right way from the very beginning – here is your iPad, here is your locker, here is where you need to be, here is how you need to dress, here are the fields, ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ work, push in your chair.

We want to really train these guys in the New York Giants’ way and I think it’s every facet of their life and then, certainly what is most obvious, football. So that’s running parallel with them learning some of the schemes before they get kind of incorporated with our veterans on Monday. That’s where we’re at. We had a walk through – I think the way we do it and this is the way we’ll do it with our veterans. We meet in the morning and then we walk through and then we meet again and then we practice.

We try to describe it, then we detail it, then we drill it, then we do it. Then we kind of decompress, debrief it and we do it over and over and over, and so this is probably when I’ll do most of my conferences with you guys.”

It’s hard to gauge players when they’re only in shorts, a practice jersey, a helmet and limited contact, but there were a few things to take note from Friday’s practice.

1. Saquon Barkley was impressive

The player everybody had their eyes on was first round draft pick Saquon Barkley and he didn’t disappoint.

Whether it was showcasing his speed, agility and strength in running back drills, or catching passes out of the backfield from quarterbacks Kyle Lauletta, John O’Korn and Thomas Sirk, Barkley stole the show on Friday.

2. Kyle Lauletta’s arm strength wasn’t an issue

The knock on Lauletta was that his arm strength was subpar. Well, that wasn’t an issue on Friday as he missed on two overthrows on deep fade passes. It’s common for quarterbacks and receivers to not be on the same page on the first day of practice.

At least Lauletta showed that despite windy conditions he can throw the ball downfield.

3. Lorenzo Carter lined up at right and left outside linebacker

Giants third-round pick, outside linebacker Lorenzo Carter, is expected to start on the opposite side of Olivier Vernon. The question is, “Which side will Carter play on?” On Friday, Carter lined up on both sides during 11-on-11 and 7-on-7 drills.

Since Carter was on the field with players that won’t even make it to training camp, it’s still unknown at this time which side Carter will play on.

Will Hernandez developed a reputation of having a nasty attitude during his four years at UTEP. Prior to practice, he spoke with the media and spoke about his nasty streak.

“Yeah of course. I think every player should be referred to as that. If you’re a football player you should be referred to a nasty, on the edge player. I think that’s how everyone should play. I think that’s the reason why this sport is so popular and yeah, I definitely consider myself that and I think that everybody should be exactly that.”

The 61 players will be back at practice at 3:35 p.m. ET on Saturday afternoon.

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