Austin Seferian-Jenkins
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Jacksonville Jaguars tight end Austin Seferian-Jenkins throws some pretty serious shade at his former team and offense, the New York Jets.

Austin Seferian-Jenkins is now an employee of the Jacksonville Jaguars. This is the same 25-year-old tight end who put up a career-season with the New York Jets a season ago (357 yards, three touchdowns on 50 receptions).

ASJ is now throwing shade at his former team—and he’s not wrong.

In response to Twitter user @jetsfan29, Seferian-Jenkins made reference to the idea that the Jets in 2017 never allowed him to actually march down the field.

With a whopping (from an awful point of view) 7.1 yards per reception, Seferian-Jenkins’ average finished epically on the low side.

Whether it was Todd Bowles’ chirping, the personnel or offensive coordinator John Morton, the Josh McCown-led Jets were anything but aggressive. It was the running game blended with short, well-timed organized passing schemes that never stretched the defense.

In fact, the only time the defense was ever stretched was when Robby Anderson was called in a 9-route to burn the Cover 3 or straight-up man-to-man.

New York Jets

But hey, be careful what you wish for.

ASJ’s new quarterback is now a guy by the name of Blake Bortles—hardly a name that’ll live on in quarterback lore. Sure, he surprised many by marching his ultra-talented Jags to the AFC title game in 2017, but has yet to get past the point of below-average during the 16-game slate.

Allowing Austin Seferian-Jenkins to leave via free agency was a strange move by the New York Jets, but there’s still a season to be played and thus, played out to see what unfolds in terms of the vertical-threat tight end wanting to crush those NFL seam patterns.

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