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New York Giants: Odell Beckham Jr. gets unexpected pizza delivery (Video)

We’ve seen Odell Beckham Jr. do some insane workouts this offseason. With that, the New York Giants wide receiver likes to treat himself too, as he just received 30 pizzas right to his door.

We haven’t seen a football Odell Beckham Jr. can’t handle. Apparently, he can’t handle the 30 pizzas that just got delivered to his front door.

In a video posted on Twitter, OBJ answers the front door to a pizza delivery guy who runs back to his car to retrieve 30 pizzas, which apparently was what Beckham ordered.

He said he ordered three and he got 30…he likely ordered the three pies to mark his three touchdowns from 2017. Does that mean that this season we can expect 30 touchdowns from the dynamic receiver?

Last year’s injury-shortened season was not ideal for Giants fans, who watched their team go 3-13 on the year. However, that did earn them the second pick in the NFL Draft where they drafted running back Saquon Barkley. Even though he only played in four games, he still had 302 receiving yards and 25 receptions.

But OBJ gave no details in this video on the important questions. What kind of pizzas did he get? How many of each kind? How did he mistakenly order 30 pies? Or, do you think it was his workout buddy Dez Bryant playing a solid prank on him?

Regardless, it’s pretty hilarious. And we all know he’s got the dough to dish out for those pizzas. We know that he wants $18 million per season…probably to pay for an outlandish amount of pizzas in the future.

Or could this all possibly be a stunt by Beckham after that video was posted earlier this year featuring a model, some questionable substances and pizza to show that he can have pizza without all the other troublesome items in the room.

A stretch? Sure. But what other explanation is there?

For now, we can just watch and enjoy this video and know that he’ll be working those 39 pizzas off with an insane workout soon.

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