Brandon Jacobs New York Giants
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Former New York Giants running back Brandon Jacobs hopped on “Boomer and Gio” to rip apart Ben McAdoo, claiming the man “didn’t have a clue.” Meanwhile, Ereck Flowers is “miffed” that the organization signed Nate Solder.

It’s no secret that Ben McAdoo struggled as the coach of the New York Giants last season, getting fired after 12 games and only winning two games (the team won a third after he was fired).

However, the true extent of how badly it was handled is still coming out. Brandon Jacobs, who spent eight years over two stints with the Giants as a running back, went on the Boomer and Gio Show on WFAN where he minced no words in regards to how inept McAdoo truly was.

Jacobs claimed that he had been at the Giants practice one day when McAdoo asked him what he should do. Jacobs, having never coached at the professional level before, told McAdoo he didn’t know. “I said I don’t know. I coach kids. I can’t tell you what to do.'”

McAdoo went on to ask Jacobs if he ever remembered a season going as badly as this, and Jacobs couldn’t help but take a dig at him. He told McAdoo, “Nah, we kind of stuck together, and our coaches never threw us under the bus.” This was a slight dig at the coach who had issues with multiple players, including veteran cornerback Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie, leading to the defensive back getting suspended for a game.

Jacobs was joined by star safety Landon Collins, who talked about Ereck Flowers‘ absence from the start of offseason workouts. He said Flowers is miffed that the team signed Nate Solder to take over at left tackle.

Collins went on to say that Flowers felt he did everything he needed to do.

“He lost weight, he was in the proper shape, he thought he was playing good in the first couple of games, and just kind of went downhill when the season went downhill.”

While Flowers did come into camp in better shape, he didn’t exactly have a great start. During the team’s week two tilt with the Lions, Ezekiel Ansah cooked Flowers for three sacks. Flowers hasn’t been good enough to have a starting job locked down, especially at left tackle. Additionally, if he is angry about it, he should be at camp showing he deserves the job instead of moping in Florida.

Collins also feels that Flowers should be here, saying “Definitely, I would say he needs to be here, as a teammate and as a captain, because we need him here. Need to get the line together so they can be on the same page.”

Flowers’ on-field play hasn’t been great, and he’s not helping his cause by staying away from the team during the offseason program.

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