New York Jets Christian Hackenberg
Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

New York Jets quarterback Christian Hackenberg is doing whatever he can to prove he should stay on the roster. The latest stunt includes adjusting his throwing motion. Will that work?

While it seems Christian Hackenberg doesn’t have the ability to throw a football without pegging a reporter, it does seem like his ears are working just fine. Because obviously he heard earlier on Thursday that the New York Jets starting trimming the fat in the quarterback room by releasing Bryce Petty.

The beads of sweat are palpable from Hackenberg while he ponders his future not only on 1 Jets Drive, but in the NFL in general.

Desperate times call for desperate measures and Hackenberg is no different. NFL Network analyst Mike Garafolo revealed that Hackenberg has been working with quarterback coach Jeff Christensen to “reboot his throwing motion.”

Rebooting your throwing motion two years in?


While Hackenberg hasn’t thrown a regular season pass, it seems less likely that’s because the Jets are sitting on a secret gold mine. What’s more feasible is Hackenberg has looked so atrocious in practice and training camp that the Jets had no choice but to go with ulterior options at the position.

Few people remember that Hackenberg had the most quarterback one reps in preseason last year. He was supposed to be the guy. The team literally had nothing to lose, all the ‘experts’ said the team probably wouldn’t win a game. But Hackenberg failed to win the job when it was his to lose. If he didn’t prove anything then, when is he going to prove something?

The season was entirely about losing as many games as possible, aka ‘tanking,’ while the team evaluated the players to see who they’d keep and who’d they ditch on the side of the road like an unwanted street tramp. Obviously Petty was a part of the latter. It seems like Hackenberg’s desperation is too little and too late to make any difference because he’s inevitably going to join the unemployment line as well.

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