Bryce Petty New York Jets
(Photo by Sean Gardner/Getty Images)

The New York Jets are open to dealing during the NFL Draft. Here’s where Bryce Petty could be headed next.

After the New York Jets selected Sam Darnold with the number three pick in the NFL Draft, things got even more crowded in the quarterback room. Darnold became the fifth passer on the Jets roster, according to the team website.

Josh McCown is the projected starter, Teddy Bridgewater is an option if he stays healthy, and of course, Sam Darnold isn’t going anywhere. Most teams only carry three quarterbacks on their roster, which leaves an awkward situation here between the Jets and the other quarterbacks remaining on the team.

Namely Christian Hackenberg and Bryce Petty.

Hackenberg has yet to throw a regular-season NFL pass or even get into a game for that matter. While Petty has had a few opportunities.

In two seasons of varying levels of playing time, Petty has thrown for 1,353 yards, 53.1 completion percentage (that’s worse than Josh Allen for Pete’s sake), and a touchdown to interception ratio of 4:10. Nothing spectacular by any means.

Despite the marginal statistics, several NFL teams reportedly have interest in potentially acquiring him from the green and white per NFL Insider Ian Rapoport:

To reiterate Rapoport’s comments, the Jets had multiple offers on the table during the NFL Draft last season, but they declined those offers. After the 2017 NFL Draft, I thought that was a huge mistake to not deal him and that the team would never get a similar offer again.

At least early on it seems like they certainly are receiving serious offers from other teams. The expected compensation is floating between a fifth through seventh round pick, likely closer to the latter.

Meanwhile, the chances of Hackenberg receiving a similar offer seem slim to none. If the Jets don’t get a serious enough offer for Hackenberg, he can be a camp arm and potential third-string developmental guy on the bench. But expect Petty to be traded before the 2018 NFL Draft is complete.

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