New York Jets Nick Mangold
(Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images)

Nick Mangold officially retired with the New York Jets, but the organization may not have seen the last of the All-Pro center on 1 Jets Drive. 

After a marvelous 11-year career Nick Mangold officially signed a one-day contract to retire a member of the New York Jets. Mangold said it was the third contract he had signed, but the first time he signed one while holding his child.

The presser lasted 1082 seconds, not nearly enough time to tell the full Mangold story.

But here’s a spoiler alert, the story may not be over just yet. You may want to call this next chapter a mystery because nothing has been confirmed, but just enough to titillate the senses.

If you remember in his retirement announcement on social media he gave us this juicy nugget:

“My biggest regret is not bringing the Lombardi Trophy to New York, but, as I retire, I will continue my efforts to bring the Trophy home in a different capacity. I have no idea what that capacity is but I’m sure I will figure something out in the future.”

A different capacity you say? Like coaching or a personnel role perhaps?

I feel sad for guys like Mangold who gave everything he had to this organization and got on the doorstep a few times, but couldn’t come away with that Lombardi Trophy. But the thought that Mangold could suit back up for the Jets, not in a uniform, but maybe in a suit and tie is actually exciting.

“Well my golf game has really suffered because of football, so I’m looking forward to improving that. But after that, I don’t know. It’s funny that you retire and your ‘career’ is over at 34 when there’s so much left to do. I don’t know what the future holds. Right now I’m enjoying my time with my kids and I’m going to continue doing that.”

He was noncommittal, but the social media post speaks volumes. He isn’t quite ready to jump from his playing career to the coaching staff just yet.

I mean Mangold still hasn’t technically even graduated college yet, so he’s going to go back and do that. Mangold is going to enjoy time with his kids, but he revealed he’s staying in the area and isn’t going anywhere.

Thank goodness…

It reminds me of the Chad Pennington situation. I spoke with multiple people close to Pennington and the only reason he isn’t back in an official capacity with the team is because of his kids and his coaching duties locally. But when his kids grow up a little bit and when he feels ready, I fully anticipate that Pennington will return to the organization, most likely in a coaching role.

While Mangold could certainly join the front office or as a coach. I mean this offensive line needs work and even if Mangold waits a few years, the offensive line will still probably need work. The door will always be open for former players to come back. This is also a good message to other former players that there’s always a home on 1 Jets Drive.

I think acting Owner Christopher Johnson put it best, ‘Mangold will be a New York Jet forever.’

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