Joakim Noah is sporting a new look and a new outlook on life and it’s confusing New York Knicks fans everywhere.

Jah bless the earth

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The New York Knicks and Joakim Noah have had a tenuous relationship. Noah was exiled from the team following an altercation with Jeff Hornacek and despite his cumbersome contract, couldn’t find his way back to the team.

But it seems like Noah has an entirely different outlook on life at the moment. Instead of battling for position in the paint, he’s walking through the jungle. Instead of mean mugging his opponent, he’s got a brand new, blonde beard. And instead of talking trash about an entire city, he’s saying “JAH BLESS THE EARTH.”

Most Knicks fans will see this and it will infuriate them—but I have a much different take on this.

love that Jo is getting in touch with nature and getting away from all the nonsense and craziness that is New York. He just finished up the worst year of his professional career and he needs to change up something. Maybe this is it. Maybe Noah just needs to reconnect with Mother Earth in order to keep Father Time at bay.

Clearly, he isn’t the same player he once was and he isn’t even close to being worth the $73 million contract that Phil Jackson so graciously gifted him. But I’m still holding out hope that Jo has something left in the tank. As it stands, Kyle O’Quinn and Enes Kanter could opt-out of their current deals and move on which would leave a gaping hole inside.

And we can’t forget that Noah’s initial exile was due to an altercation with Hornacek. A new coach could give Noah a clean slate heading forward. Obviously, Noah will never live up to his current contract, but there’s still a chance for redemption.

So for now, live your life Jo. Enjoy your time off and we’ll figure things out soon. Jah bless!

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