Patrick Vieira
(Photo by Jan Kruger/Getty Images)

With Patrick Vieira’s recent success at New York City FC and his past history at Arsenal, he could potentially be at the helm of the latter one day.

New York City FC’s Patrick Vieira has had an above average season thus far standing first in the MLS with 17 points and currently unbeaten. Changing the culture in NYCFC has caught the eyes of his peers across the Atlantic and Arsenal’s manager Arsene Wenger has taken notice.

In a recent article from ESPN’s Mattias Karen, there was a report floating around that Arsenal see Vieira has a possible candidate in the future–Wenger did not stray away from it.

“He’s a guy who has the potential one day, yes,” Wenger said, hinting at the fact that Vieira’s managerial experience thus far has been noticed.

Wenger would also go on to say that other veteran players are possibilities to succeed him at Arsenal. Players such as Thierry Henry, Mikel Arteta and Tony Adams.

From 1995-2006, Vieira enjoyed a prominent career with the Gunners, winning three Premier League Titles and eventually becoming the club captain. He also played with the French National team and went on to play in the World Cup.

Vieira’s experience speaks for itself, but the question, in this case, is, “Can Vieira manage in the Premier League?”

As everyone knows, the MLS and the English Premier League are two totally different leagues with the Premier League being one of the top in the world. There’s no doubt that Vieira has shown promise in his managerial career with NYCFC.

Since coming over from Manchester City’s youth system, Vieira has changed the style and culture around the clubhouse. He might not have won them any silverware as of yet, but he’s shown steps towards that goal.

Vieira can definitely manage in the Premier League, with his experience on the pitch and on the touchline—Vieira could end up being the Gunner gaffer.

As everyone is well aware, Wenger has been on the hot seat for quite some time with Arsenal. At almost every game, you would see a sign that reads out “WENGER OUT.” Wenger’s future at Arsenal has been in doubt and with rumors floating around that Vieira could be the next man, Wenger is definitely going out.

However, does this mean that Vieira will succeed Wenger at Arsenal by this season? Very doubtful as NYCFC’s and Arsenal’s season end far apart and with NYCFC’s recent run, Vieira is here to stay.

Vieira has made a point to bring NYCFC silverware before his time in the Big Apple is up and he’s making great strides towards that point.

If Vieira would succeed Wenger, it won’t be anytime soon but when it happens–it’ll just be fitting.

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