Jamal Adams
(Photo by Ed Mulholland/Getty Images)

The New York Jets did some roster finagling. Plus, safety Jamal Adams continues to put on his recruiting hat, this time dealing with the freshly available Dez Bryant.

The New York Jets have been adding everything to Noah’s Arc recently. Now, it was about time to trim some fat.

Especially since this team is about to add a ton of bodies through the 2018 NFL Draft and the priority free agent market.

While none of the names are overly surprising, here are the players the Jets decided to move on from:

The Jets had crazy depth at all of these positions and none of these players had that great of a chance of making the final roster.

While I want to give a tip of the cat to the self-proclaimed “president” of the Jets. Quick detour … are you allowed to crown yourself with a nickname? I feel like that has to be cardinal sin or something. The “president” is a fine nickname, but it seemingly came out of nowhere, I’m throwing the challenge flag on that one.

Any-who, I digress. Jamal Adams, since free agency started, has been openly campaigning for a ton of stars to come join the Jets—the type of social media campaigning Jets fans simply aren’t used too.

The latest recruit being former All-Pro receiver Dez Bryant.

Who knows if Dez will come to the Jets. That’s not important. Even though I love Dez and think he could have a career renaissance with the green and white, I want to say thank you to Adams. He’s doing whatever he can to try and help the Jets win.

This is clearly a new culture on 1 Jets Drive. This team has drafted the right guys and they’re on the cusp of something great. That’s because of guys like Adams.

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