New York Islanders
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Both Garth Snow and Doug Weight expect to be back with the New York Islanders next season, but vague statements from the Isles ownership group could suggest otherwise.

Fans of the New York Islanders have been asking themselves the same question for almost 12 years: How can someone in a results-based business, who has just one playoff series win in 12 seasons continue to hold their position?

The Islanders are heading into their most important offseason in over a decade with a still contract-less John Tavares, league-worst goaltending averages and the highest number of goals allowed. All this coming just two years since winning their first playoff series in 23 years.

Questions continue to pile up at the doorstep of both Jon Ledecky and Garth Snow, who continue to play the PR game of question-dodging using pre-written statements and vague answers that satisfy no one.

Snow was asked outright by Brian Heyman why he felt he deserved to keep his position, and in true Garth Snow fashion he looked this man straight in the eye and said:

“For me, 2006, when I took over this position, it was a situation where it was an all-out rebuild where we had to bring in talent through the draft. Now we’re in a situation where we feel we can compete for a Stanley Cup.”

At this point, it’s hard to tell who’s falling for this shtick anymore.

Snow plainly said his club is in a position to compete for a Stanley Cup just two days after the Islanders wrapped up their season by coming 17 points short of the final playoff berth. Someone should probably tell him you have to be in the playoffs to compete for the Cup. Then again, that statement might make the most sense out of any other.

On Tuesday, Jon Ledecky issued yet another statement after media day left fans strongly unsatisfied.

Two nearly identical statements and a total of 448 words later there is still nothing of substance. There are only so many times one can apologize to a fanbase which has seen just four post-season appearances since 2006, especially when their arch-rival New York Rangers fired their coach, Alain Vigneault, whose resume includes a Stanley Cup Final run  and a trip to the playoffs in each of his first four seasons with the Rangers. That’s accountability.

For those paying close attention, there was a statement missing in both letters that warrants recognition. Ledecky said that accountability starts with ownership, which will now evaluate its plan going forward. Whether that includes considering a management overhaul is anyone’s guess, but take note that not once did he publicly throw his support behind his current employees.

Could it be that maybe both Snow and Weight will be back with the Islanders but in different roles? Will they be back at all? Are there any potential replacements lined up? Snow and Weight both said they plan to address their offseason per usual so until the rumblings of change occur, if they even do, Snow’s tenure with the Islanders will have extended yet another season.

As much as it may hurt, time will tell what happens with Snow, Tavares and the New York Islanders.

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