New York Jets Hackenberg update
(Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images)

The official 2018 NFL Draft cap will be on sale this Thursday. Plus an update on the future of New York Jets quarterback Christian Hackenberg. 

With all the excitement of the New York Jets finally drafting a franchise quarterback in a few weeks, a lot of the fans have forgotten about the quarterbacks on the roster.

Currently, for those counting at home, the Jets have five signal callers on the roster (according to the team’s website):

McCown and Bridgewater just signed with the team on one-year contracts, but that doesn’t guarantee anything.

It’s not a matter of if, but when the Jets draft a sixth quarterback on the roster with the No. 3 pick. Depending on that rookie’s development over the next several months, he could determine the fate of the rest of the depth chart.

For example, Bridgewater only has $500K guaranteed on his contract. He could be easily moved in a Sam Bradford-esque trade late in training camp to a quarterback-needy team.

The two holdovers Petty and Hackenberg’s futures are still uncertain.

I think this Jordan Schultz report is a bit premature. I can envision multiple scenarios where Hackenberg survives as the third option on the depth chart as the developmental guy.

The rookie is on the roster, at least one of the two veterans will be, and that could leave Hackenberg alive. Let’s be honest, Petty is nothing more than a backup quarterback, so why delay the inevitable? He should be cut or traded sooner rather than later.

I know there’s a portion of the fanbase like me who buys the 2018 NFL Draft hat every year. So this segment of New York Jets Daily is for all those fans out there! The New Era Caps will be put up for sale this Thursday! Here’s what the Jets new 2018 NFL Draft cap looks like:

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