New York Islanders, Jon Ledecky, Scott Malkin, Conference
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New York Islanders co-owner Jon Ledecky gave a brief, written statement at the team’s season-ending media day.

New York Islanders co-owner Jon Ledecky took the stand on Monday, alongside general manager Garth Snow and head coach Doug Weight to address those invested in this team, people who haven’t heard a peep from ownership since the Belmont deal.

Ledecky had a bounty of questions to answer, ranging from management to arena deals.

So what did he say?

Nothing. His remarks were short, evasive, and ambiguous.

“Our season has just ended and as an organization we will be evaluating all aspects of our hockey operations. Then we will make decisions on what is best for the future of our club. I am not here today to talk about any specific individuals, including players, coaches & the GM.”

Prior to the release of this statement, Newsday’s Andrew Gross was able to confirm, through sources, that both Snow and Weight are feeling confident they’ll be back in October.

Ledecky’s resistance to provide any answers gives the indication that he has none, but it’s also important to note that he didn’t vocalize his support towards either of his current employees.

Snow and Weight may feel comfortable in their positions, but is that feeling of security genuinely backed? After all, fans only just concluded a billboard campaign calling for Snow to be fired.

Plus, both the GM and head coach appeared remarkably tense during Ledecky’s press conference. Snow, in particular, has never appeared more perturbed before the media in his 12 years as GM than he did Monday afternoon.

For a person who has had historically tight-lipped public relations representation and has a well-known poker-face when it comes to dealing with the media, this is a subtle, big surprise.

Furthermore, Ledecky stuck around backstage after issuing his written statement. If he had nothing more to say, why then did he continue watching out of sight and not leave?

The Snow/Weight press conference was painfully short, as noted by The Athletic’s Arthur Staple, who called it a “deeply weird sight.” As for the personal offseason plan, both members of the Isles’ brass offered no immediate solutions, even after a critical question was addressed to Snow:

So basically, what is known so far is that the current regime will continue to operate the same way they would during any other NHL season. Any indication towards changes coming for the Isles roster, management, and other parts of the organization are going to be evaluated by Ledecky and Malkin, with Ledecky closing his press conference with the statement: “We will be talking again in the coming weeks and months.”

Just like that, the 2017-18 season ends with a resounding thud. Which, when you think about how the season unfolded, is wholly appropriate.

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