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Let’s discuss the best case and worst case scenarios for the New York Jets in the 2018 NFL Draft. 

The New York Jets have a juicy lottery ticket with the third overall pick. But here’s the thing about lottery tickets, no matter how much you paid, it doesn’t guarantee you anything. What the Jets did was increase their odds of getting it right, but it’s never a 100% sure thing.

With that kind of risk what are the best case and worst case scenarios for the green and white with the third overall pick? Let’s explore.


The Cleveland Browns go crazy and select Saquon Barkley (or Josh Allen) with the No. 1 pick. While Barkley would be nice for the Jets, they’re taking a quarterback, and with the No. 3 pick WORST CASE SCENARIO they get the third quarterback out of the big four.

With the No. 2 pick the Giants draft Quenton Nelson and thus, the Jets either get their choice of all the quarterbacks or get the second best. Both of these situations seem unlikely, but you wanted the best case scenario so there you have it.


The Cleveland Browns select Sam Darnold with the No. 1 pick. While the Giants trade the No. 2 pick to the Buffalo Bills (who leapfrog the Jets in the pecking order) and steal who the Jets were planning on drafting.

Here are my inner sanctum thoughts, don’t let them leave this room. I want the Jets to come away with Josh Rosen or Baker Mayfield. If they don’t take either and the Bills end up with one of them, I may pull what little hair I have left remaining on my scalp.

The entire future of the AFC East is at stake here in this draft. The Jets and Bills are 100 percent locks to take quarterbacks. While the Miami Dolphins are flirting with a quarterback as well. The wildcard/dark horse is, of course, the New England Patriots who have a ton of ammunition.

Whatever team is best equipped once the Patriots dynasty folds like a used lawn chair could reign supreme for the next decade. This is a pivotal time in NFL History and the Jets have to get this right to control their own destiny.


  1. there can be no wrong answer at QB. the jets will either draft – in my personal order of desired QB – QB Rosen, QB Mayfield, QB Darnold, or QB Allen. however, i’m no GM or scout.
    while the Browns have been courting QB Darnold, i wouldn’t be surprised if they draft QB Mayfield – another diminutive dual-threat QB in the likes of QB Taylor, for whom the Browns went out of their way to trade. furthermore, the Giants may wish to take QB Allen – a project – and thus no threat the QB Manning in his twilight years, giving QB Allen time to develop without any pressure to be rushed onto the field.
    finally, if the Bills (or the Pats) do move up to #1 or #2 overall, the draft capital to do so would be so exorbitant that it would be 4-5 years until they’d be relevant again despite whichever of the QBs they’d select…