Josh Allen
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New York Jets safety Jamal Adams has approved sick-looking uniforms while insight is provided on why prospect Josh Allen is fools gold.

Finally, we’re in the month of April. Spring is in the air and more importantly, the 2018 NFL Draft will be upon us sooner rather than later and the New York Jets hold the No. 3 pick.

We all know they’re taking a quarterback, but which bachelor will they choose behind door number three? There seems to be a tangible divide among the Jets faithful on who that guy should be.

With four quarterbacks in the discussion, there are several candidates. One of them is one of the most polarizing in the NFL Draft and that’s Wyoming passer Josh Allen. Many people (myself included) can’t look past the completion percentage and the lies from analysts who attempt to explain it.

My good buddy Rich Cimini of ESPN recently showed some research why perhaps stats aren’t for losers after all in his latest column, “Should the Jets be worried about Josh Allen’s completion percentage?”:

  • Allen’s percentage is concerning. Mel Kiper Jr. believes it’s due, in part, to not having as many “layups” (short passes) as the other top prospects. I did the research via ESPN Stats & Information, and that is not true. In fact, Allen had more short passes than the others. Consider: 30 percent of his attempts traveled zero to five air yards, more than UCLA’s Josh Rosen (29 percent), USC’s Sam Darnold (28 percent) and Oklahoma’s Baker Mayfield (18 percent).
  • Did Allen take more downfield shots than the others, lowering his completion percentage? Not really. The breakdown of attempts that went 25 or more air yards: Darnold (12 percent), Mayfield (12 percent), Allen (11 percent) and Rosen (five percent).
  • Was Allen victimized by a lot of drops? Not really. Wyoming’s drop percentage was 4.2 percent, a fraction higher than the national average (4.1). The guy who really got burned by drops was Rosen; UCLA’s drop percentage was 6.3. Oklahoma was 3.6 and USC was 3.0.

Some interesting facts, to say the least.

While in more exciting news, the Jets could finally be looking to update their uniforms. Well, sort of.

Jets’ star Jamal Adams tweeted out this beautiful hunk of glory to get some opinions on it. A refreshing twist on an old classic. I love it, but maybe instead of polling fan’s opinions, he should be asking Darron Lee what he thinks.

Over the last several months, Lee has been advocating the green and white to update their uniforms on social media. This team really needs a fresh look and using an old uniform as a base isn’t a bad starting place.

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