New York Islanders Need Joshua Ho-Sang To Reach Next Level 1
Photo by Rocky W. Widner/NHL/Getty Images

Josh Ho-Sang is upbeat and optimistic about his future with the New York Islanders despite voicing some justified criticisms about his demotion.

Josh Ho-Sang has every right to be upset with the New York Islanders this season, yet he bears no ill will to current management. Still, Ho-Sang had some valid criticism directed towards the reason for his initial demotion as well as his process in the AHL so far.

Arthur Staple of The Athletic captured the forward’s most revealing comments, which were met with a large amount of approval from an equally (maybe more) frustrated fanbase:

“I love those guys, I want to make that clear,” Ho-Sang said of his former Islanders teammates. “I know they’re working hard. But I got sent down for defense and what are they in goals against in the NHL? I only played (22) games up there this year. I don’t think it’s my fault. They really painted it like it was my fault at the beginning of the year and I didn’t like that.

Ho-Sang’s gripe with Isles GM Garth Snow is wholly valid, as the Islanders (across two seasons) record is 24-15-4 when Ho-Sang draws into the lineup. All things considered, not at all too shabby considering the Isles have just 12 wins in the year 2018.

As for playing on the Islanders while the opportunity is ripe and the games are meaningless, Ho-Sang would likely be on this roster by now were it not for him having played through an injury in Wednesday’s 6-4 win, according to Staple.

With that said, however, Ho-Sang does see a future with the Islanders. The process for Ho-Sang is turning out to be a bit more arduous than expected, but that hasn’t shaken the forward’s mindset in regards to carving his path to the NHL.

“I don’t want to go anywhere. They’re nice to me. I just think the reality is stuff is going to happen and they’re going to put me on the team when they’re ready. I think when I’ve been on the team, I’ve had personal success along with the team having success. I think they know that and they’re just trying to figure it out. They’re good people. (GM) Garth Snow is a good man. (Coach) Doug Weight is a good man. I know they’re trying.”

The most interesting and tantalizing piece of information given to Staple by the young prospect was almost in passing, in regards to an issue that he “can’t really say but I’m sure they’ll tell you at the end of the year.”

While it may allude the rumor of an injury reported by Staple, it could also coincide with what will likely be a thorough review of personnel conducted in the offseason.

Regardless of all that, Ho-Sang seems perfectly content seeing out his situation with the Islanders. The road thus far may be bumpy, but the openness between himself and management has allowed both parties to come to a (somewhat) mutual understanding of his remaining time in the AHL.

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