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All the highlights from Breakfast with (Todd) Bowles in Orlando. Plus why Josh McCown is the starting quarterback for the New York Jets.

For all the New York Jets fans wondering who the heck will be starting at quarterback this Fall have nothing to worry about, that answer is simple: Josh McCown.

Wait, what?

Well, right now he is anyway, for whatever that is worth. Although there is a lot of the story that is still unwritten.

The Jets have five quarterbacks currently on the roster:

Plus the Jets obviously plan on taking a quarterback with the third overall pick. Or do they?

Now, this is one of two things and neither are confirming this tweet to be true.

First off, this could be seen as a smokescreen to hide the Jets true target with the third overall pick. Or you could tell Todd Bowles, that was quite possibly the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard. You just had the sixth overall pick, but now you’re saying there are ‘six or seven’ players worthy of the third overall choice? Come on man.

I feel like I shouldn’t have to say this, but I guess I do, the Jets are taking a quarterback with the third overall pick folks.

I guess I should’ve said ‘Spoiler Alert’ first, my apologies. You don’t trade three second-round draft choices to slide up to take a running back (value) or any other position you may throw out there.

Mike Maccagnan told Eric Allen of, “We really felt good about the third spot in terms of the compensation for it,” he said of the package that included the number six overall pick, a pair of second-rounders this year and an additional second-round pick in 2019. “And I think you just do your due diligence when you try to go up higher. You spend a lot of time looking at previous draft compensations or movements or stuff like that. Again, for us going forward, the idea of keeping our one was an important thing for us. The twos this year and the two next year, it’s a price, but we felt good about the one going forward.”

Does that sound like a guy going after a skill position player? I didn’t think so.

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