New York Giants Landon Collins
(Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images)

While New York Giants superstar wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr’s future with Big Blue seems to change by the minute, you seldom hear any discussion surrounding Landon Collins.

Landon Collins is entering the fourth and final year of his contract with the New York Giants and there’s been little to no mention of contract talks or trade rumors surrounding the 24-year-old safety.

Collins who is the lone Giant to be voted to the Pro Bowl in each of the last two seasons, is coming off a season where he once again led the Giants in tackles with 104 despite missing the season finale due to a fractured forearm.

According to spotrac Collins will make $1,947,450 this season which is significantly less than the $8.459 million OBJ will make this season.

Just as Odell Beckham Jr. has concerns about the possibility of getting injured this season and jeopardizing maximizing his earning potential with a new contract, Collins has the same concerns. But Collins concerns are even greater when you consider he hasn’t made nearly as much money as Beckham. The $8.459 million Beckham will make this season is more than Collins entire four year contract, and this doesn’t include the five year $25 million deal Beckham has with Nike.

But neither Collins nor his agent have ever given any indication that he would sit out the preseason or the entire season if he doesn’t get a new contract.

Maybe Collins is taking the quiet approach because he knows eventually things will work themselves out and he’ll get a contract after the 2018 season. Or perhaps he doesn’t want to stir up any controversy. Or maybe it’s because he’s just a humble guy as his  Twitter name (@TheHumble_21) indicates.

Whatever his reason is, it must be a relief to general manager Dave Gettleman and co-owners John Mara and Steve Tisch who after having to deal with questions regarding Beckham, the last thing they want to do is answering questions regarding another star player.

The Giants obviously would like for Collins and Beckham to be Giants for the entirety of their careers because they are exceptional talents, and the best players on each side of the ball.

But as of right now Collins is the likelier of the two to remain a Giant long-term because he’s shown more leadership qualities and has brought far less negative attention to the franchise.

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