Denis Potvin, New York Islanders
(Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images)

Denis Potvin has some reassuring comments for nervous Islanders fans when it comes to John Tavares’ offseason plans this July.

Monday night, during the Fox Sports Florida broadcast of the Florida Panthers/New York Islanders game, Hall of Fame defenseman and Islanders legend Denis Potvin made an intriguing observation regarding Islanders captain John Tavares‘ pending free agency.

“Many of you remember [Steven] Stamkos a couple of years ago. He went through the same process, went through free agency and signed with the same team. They have the same agent and he talked about that just the other day. So maybe the same process might happen for the Islanders. John Tavares wants to look around the NHL, see what free agency can bring him, and he may just stay with the same team.”

That’s certainly a lot to process.

Whether he intentionally said it or not, Potvin dribbled savory bits of information in what’s been a very quiet and plain process so far regarding Tavares’ plans for the offseason. It appears that not only does John Tavares seemingly want to hit free agency, but he wants to listen to what other teams have to offer.

This is the first time anyone has publicly come out with a stand, one way or the other, on what road Tavares will take in free agency. Tavares’ upcoming deal will be the biggest of his career, both financially and in duration.

It’s also bad news for the Islanders, the only team that Tavares has ever played for. Not only could they be outbid by another team, but considering how poor a job the team has done to put Tavares in a winning situation, the chance to play for a perennial contender may be one that the Isles’ captain simply can’t pass up.

One thing is abundantly clear: The narrative that Tavares was a lock to stay with the Islanders is a false on. There’s a very real chance he could leave as a free agent.

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