New York Jets Daily Sam Darnold
(Photo by Ron Jenkins/Getty Images)

We finally got to see Sam Darnold throw at his Pro Day. Plus some New York Jets contract updates of note. 

For unknown reasons, the most heralded quarterback in the 2018 NFL Draft class Sam Darnold didn’t want to throw at the annual NFL scouting combine. Which left a lot of NFL personnel scratching their heads. So the New York Jets brass had to pack their bags if they wanted to see Darnold chuck around the pigskin, and they did. It sure seemed like all the important Jets people were there to see another California kid strut his stuff.

The Jets continue their quarterback tour and by the time April 26th rolls around, they will have visited and spoken with every member at the top of the quarterback class.

Having the third overall pick only guarantees you one of the top-three passers at a minimum, who knows who will be on the board at No. 3. From people I’ve spoken with, it seems unlikely to be Sam Darnold who projects to be the No. 1 pick.

While another offseason storyline seems to be coming to the finishing line and that’s the Terrelle Pryor sweepstakes.

The Jets are also reportedly kicking the tires on Allen Hurns if he can ever make it to New York. Josina Anderson of ESPN reported Hurns’ first choice was to visit the Jets but because of mother nature visited the Dallas Cowboys instead. SCREW YOU SPRING EQUINOX!

While finally, some contract numbers on some of the Jets key free agents have become available:

‘Magic’ Mike Maccagnan continues to do great work with contracts. Despite having ample cap space, he hasn’t ‘screwed’ the Jets long-term with any of these deals. Maximum flexibility is the name of the game and Maccagnan continues to put the Jets in a great position, monetarily anyway.

By the way for all you counting at home the NFL Draft (and my 25th birthday, that can’t be a coincidence) is five weeks away. We’re getting there slowly but surely Jets nation!

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