Could the New York Jets be looking to move on from veteran wideout Jermaine Kearse this offseason?

The New York Jets won the Sheldon Richardson trade by a landslide before the 2017 season started. Mostly due to their ability to recoup a future second-round draft choice.

But the cherry on top was receiving Jermaine Kearse as an add into the deal. According to a source I talked too, Kearse was going to be released anyway if the Seattle Seahawks weren’t able to trade him.

So what did Kearse do on a team who supposedly had one of the worst quarterback situations in the league? He balled.

Kearse posted career-highs in receptions (65), yards (810), and tied a career-high in touchdowns (five). To reiterate, Kearse put up better stats with Josh McCown and Bryce Petty than he did with former Super Bowl champion Russell Wilson in any of their five seasons together in Seattle.

Would the New York Jets be willing to move on from one of their most consistent weapons from 2017? Possibly.

Although that all depends on if the grass is truly greener on the other side or not. It’s like you are with your girlfriend and she’s great, but you could definitely be doing better.

But certainly, you aren’t going to leave your girlfriend before you know you have another girl waiting to go right? Heck, it would be downright irresponsible not to have a succession plan waiting, that’s called being proactive.

So if the Jets are able to swoon a No. 1 wide receiver to sign with the green and white, then it’s a foregone conclusion the Jets will release Jermaine Kearse and save his entire $5 million cap hit.

Although they’re okay staying with the current girlfriend if need be. Kearse undoubtedly gets the job done. That’s what Kearse can be for the Jets, not a world beater by any means, but captain consistency.

To be perfectly honest, the Jets probably need a little less glitz and glam from the wide receiver position and they’d probably prefer someone who will let his play do the talking.

Speaking of glitz and glamour, here are the top free agent wide receivers who are supposed to hit the market on Mar. 14:

  • Allen Robinson, 24 years old
    • If the Jets are going to chase anyone, Robinson should be their guy. While he’s coming off of ACL surgery, that happened back at the beginning of the 2017 season so he should be fully ready to go for training camp in 2018.
  • Jarvis Landry, 25 years old
    • While certainly, Juice has put up video game numbers in his career, we all know it’s more than just the numbers. NFL teams usually don’t pay for slot receivers. They’re a dime a dozen and can be replaced with lesser system type wide receivers on a cheaper dollar, that could hurt Landy’s value on the open market.
  • Sammy Watkins, 24 years old
    • The perfect blend of everything you look for from a wide receiver. Although he has had durability concerns throughout his career and often despite being the No. 1 target can ‘disappear on offense’ inexplicably. If the Jets go deep sea fishing they’re looking for a reliable target, not one that has an invisibility cloak.
  • Terrelle Pryor, 28 years old
    • I think this is the underrated name Jets fans should keep an eye on. While he coulda, woulda and probably shoulda signed a mega contract last offseason, for some reason he was unable to find a team willing to commit. He’s got all the talent in the world and I think he could be had at a true value because people underrate the impact he can have on the game.
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