Jimmy Garoppolo, New York Jets
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We learned a little bit more about Jimmy Garoppolo’s contract and how it’ll affect the New York Jets. Plus a family reunion on 1 Jets Drive?

One thing the New York Jets learned after the Jimmy Garoppolo news was that they better get their bank withdrawal approved by March 14.

If the Jets truly have their sights set on ‘Captain’ Kirk Cousins they’re going to pay up, son! Here are some juicy details on the Garoppolo trade from ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter:

$42.6 million in year one of his contract? WHAT IN TARNATION? Well before you continue reading, please pick up your jaw off the floor. That’s just rude.

Garoppolo is going to be the highest paid player in NFL History for such a marginal amount of time because it’s inevitable that Cousins is going to smash those numbers.

As a matter of fact, Cousins and his agent are going to point to those numbers illustrated above as the beginning of the negotiations. Which means the Jets are looking at a five-year deal that will equate to around $150 million and a ton of guarantees up front.

But I say you’ve got to do what you’ve got to do to solve the quarterback issues. This is a league consisting of the haves and the have-nots; those who don’t have quarterbacks have already lost. If you have one, then you will always be in the conversation.

Meanwhile, there are certainly other positions the Jets need assistance with, including some help in the secondary. Are we talking family reunion?

Does the name sound familiar? Well, it should because he’s the son of Jets defensive coordinator Kacy Rodgers. Now they’re reunited and it FEELS SO GOOD (cue the song and dance if it hasn’t been done already). It’s a reserve/future contract so there are no guarantees on his future on the green and white, but should be exciting none the less.

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