New York Jets: Kurt Warner's saltiness is trying to swerve Kirk Cousins from Jets
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Is PFHOF Kurt Warner trying to prevent “Captain” Kirk Cousins from guiding the New York Jets to the promise land?

Pro Football Hall of Fame quarterback Kurt Warner is still a little salty after his rough patch in New York. So much so that he’s trying to swerve Kirk Cousins from coming to the New York Jets.

But before we get to that, what “saltiness” are we referring too?

Well if we go back in the time machine it all started with the St. Louis Rams. Warner was nearing the end of his tenure with the Rams in 2003 and that was highlighted by his six fumble performance in the season opener against none other than the New York Giants.

At Giants Stadium, Warner had one of the worst performances of his entire career. He was sacked six times, fumbled six times, and was sent to the bench. He even had the audacity later to say, “he had previously broken his hand and that it had not fully healed, making it more difficult to grip the football,” via the Sports Daily.

The Giants must’ve seen something during that horrible performance to want to bring him into their own facilities the next year as their quarterback. Clearly, the greatest show on turf days was long gone, but Big Blue was hoping for one more run.

That run lasted exactly 10 games and the final tally on the season was 6-10. Let’s just say six touchdowns and four interceptions didn’t really tickle the Giants front office. Warner clearly couldn’t handle the New York market so he ended up opting out of his deal at the end of the year—a good move.

So, take what he said via the YES Network on The Michael Kay Show with a grain of salt. Pro Football Hall of Famer Kurt Warner explained on the YES Network why the Jets SHOULDN’T dive head first into signing Kirk Cousins:

“I think Kirk Cousins could be a good fit wherever he ends up landing,” Warner said. “Although I’m not sure the New York Jets are the right fit for him.”

“I see the other opportunities out there for him,” Warner added when asked why he is wary of a potential fit. “If I’m Kirk Cousins, I’ve already been at a place where I had statistical success, but not successful in terms of wins and losses. I would want to go to a place that can win right now. I’m not sure the Jets are that close. They exceeded my expectations and did some nice things. But look at some of the teams like Jacksonville or Denver, those teams intrigue me.”

He would later go on to say that if you can make your mark in New York it can be pretty special and “if you can do that, you can write your ticket for a long time.” I guess Warner didn’t have the goods.

While Warner would later have success with the Arizona Cardinals which would help him reach the promise land of Canton, Ohio, that didn’t happen in the New York market.

So, Warner, this message is simple, instead of trying to prevent the Jets from getting their first franchise quarterback in half a century, why don’t you let Cousins make the decision for himself.

There’s a reason the Jets are the betting favorite to land Cousins. It’s because they have the most green and a ton of potential on offense. There’s a familiarity fit with the coaching staff and Cousins knows he can be a messiah if he wins in Gotham. Don’t let the saltiness from your bad times in New York get to your head (or your hair for that matter, you silver fox you). Cousins is coming to 1 Jets Drive and there’s nothing you can do to stop it!

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