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You Blockhead: Lane Johnson compares Eli Manning to Charlie Brown (Video)

Philadelphia Eagles offensive lineman Lane Johnson says people should leave Eli Manning alone and stop treating him like good ol‘ Charlie Brown.

There’s no love lost between the New York Giants and Philadelphia Eagles, fierce division rivals who, quite frankly, hate each other. But in a rare display of brotherly love, Eagles offensive lineman Lane Johnson stood up for Giants quarterback Eli Manning.

Johnson, who is preparing to play in the Super Bowl against Tom Brady and the New England Patriots on Sunday—who Eli and the Giants beat twice in the NFL’s marquee event—believes that Manning is one of the most disrespected players in the NFL. His message to everyone in the league: Leave Eli Manning alone.

“The guy has two Super Bowl rings and the guy is treated like Charlie Brown as far as is he productive every year,” Johnson said.”The guy has two Super Bowl rings and I’ve never seen somebody so disrespected than Eli Manning.”

Lane, you’re telling me that people have treated Manning like Peanuts? Those blockheads. Of course, Charlie Brown hasn’t even kicked a football, or thrown one for that matter, since Lucy always pulls it out from under him.

The Eagles linesman went on to say, “You have to do what Peyton does. You won two Super Bowls, but what have you done lately? You go watch the talk shows and what they are saying about him during the season.”

Eli and the Giants have made the playoffs just once in the last six years. Their last playoff win came in 2011 when they beat the Patriots in the Super Bowl. Despite going 3-13 this season, Big Blue has said that Manning will be their quarterback for the 2018 season.

One thing’s for sure: The Giants won’t be pulling a Lucy on Manning anytime soon.

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