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NFL Draft Insider Matt Miller pulled out the crystal ball to predict who would be under center for the New York Jets in 2018. 

The top priority for the New York Jets during the 2018 offseason is to find themselves a quarterback. The Jets can’t use lack of options as an excuse for not finding their guy.

The 2018 free agent crop is going to be the most talented arguably in NFL history. While the 2018 NFL Draft isn’t a bad option either.

But if NFL Draft Insider Matt Miller from Bleacher Report has any say, it will be ‘Captain’ Kirk Cousins for the green and white.

Kirk Cousins’ agent on the phone with the Jets is like Jerry Maguire on the phone with Rod Tidwell.

If the Washington Redskins open up the checkbook and sign Cousins to the franchise tag (the final time they’re able to do so) it’ll cost them $34.5 million — and that’s not a typo. That would make him the highest paid player in the league.

It seems unlikely that the Redskins will pay that premium, which means it’ll be open hunting season with Cousins destined to reach unrestricted free agency. This will be an unprecedented bidding war between the top teams with the most cap space. Here are the top-five teams with the most cap space in 2018 per OverTheCap:

  • 49ers ($115 million in cap space)
  • Browns ($111 million in cap space)
    • Will definitely be in the conversation and some argue could make a ton of sense.
  • Colts ($77 million in cap space)
    • Another team who has their quarterback situation figured out with Andrew Luck under center.
  • Jets ($72 million in cap space)
    • Of course, the Jets haven’t had a franchise quarterback in half a century.
  • Buccaneers ($62 million in cap space)

Although a quick nugget to digest. This could change with cap casualties and some roster finagling before things kick off in March. For example, the Jets only have $72 million in this projection but will likely be over the $100 million by the time free agency actually begins.

But this is a nice snapshot and goes to show this may be a two-man race between the Browns and Jets. That, of course, is all based on the principle that this is purely a money grab for Cousins.

There are several other teams who could be interested if Cousins brings his asking price down to a more reasonable figure. We’ll have to see if he’s willing to do that, regardless, the Jets should have a great shot to get Cousins if they so dare.

Another nugget to chew on, Kirk Cousins is a huge fan of soon to be Jets offensive coordinator Jeremy Bates and raved about him on radio row for the Super Bowl via Justin Terranova of the New York Post:

“They are great football minds and I’ve been very fortunate to have one good coach after the other,” Cousins said from radio row in Minneapolis. “Jeremy Bates does come from that coaching tree if you will.”

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